Beauty Organization: Organizing Your Beauty in a Small Bathroom

So, having an incredibly small bathroom and no drawers to speak of, I’m constantly in search of ideas on how to organize my makeup and beauty products. I’ve had small train cases, makeup bags, under the sink organizers…everything. I’ve had them all. But, after some time, it just ends up scattered on my bathroom counter (which isn’t much counter to speak of). But then I found a video by one of my favorite organizational gurus, Alejandra of HomeOrganizing, demonstrating how she organizes her bathroom with an over the door shoe rack! It’s super functional, easy to clean, and nothing collects dust because it’s hidden in the deep depths of my makeup collection. Huzzah! Here’s Alejandra’s video…

And here’s my interpretation…





Happy organizing!

XOXO, Jules @ iheartbeautyblog.com

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