Know Your Skin: Toners

Toners is the gray area of skincare. Some say they’re bad, some say they’re good, some say you need them to balance your pH! Personally, I love a toner. I think it’s a great addition to any regimen, and who doesn’t need more antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients in their routine?

Let’s start off with…

1) What is a toner?

A toner is a liquid or lotion that you’re supposed to apply post-cleanse. Some claim to help fight acne, some claim to moisturize. It really depends on the brand.

2) Do I need a toner to balance my pH?

Absolutely not. Cleansers are formulated so well these days (or at least the good ones are!) that they shouldn’t disrupt the pH of your skin. Decades ago this wasn’t the case, which is sort of why toners were invented and marketed as such.

3) What types of toners are there and what should I avoid?

Alcohol-based toners: These are baaad. Unfortunately there’s still many toners out there marketed to acne-prone skin that are laden with alcohol, which causes irritation or free-radical damage to the skin.

Water and glycol or glycerin-based toners: These are your rosewater and “refreshing” toners. Pretty much perfume for your face, and fragrance in skincare is no bueno.

Water-based toners: These are the good guys. Not only do they have little to no irritants, but they’re usually packed with antioxidants and other reparative ingredients.

Should you use a toner? My response: “Why not!” Especially if you have really oily skin, toner can be a gentle, yet refreshing addition to your skincare.

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xoxo, Jules @ iheartbeautyblog.com

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