Know Your Skin: Moisturizers

I’ll admit, one of my biggest skincare regrets was not using a moisturizer for what feels like FOREVER. I mean, I have oily skin, why would I need a moisturizer? Fast forward to 29 years old I now realize that moisturizers are the multitaskers of the skincare world. They soothe, moisturize, protect. They do it all. And they’re available in every drugstore, beauty store, and at every price point. Basically there’s a moisturizer designed for you, whether you believe it or not.

So, before you start shopping for your next moisturizer, here’s a little info to remember…

1) Moisturizers help retain moisture in the skin, not add moisture to it.

If you’ve ever had dry hands and kept re-applying lotion, only to have your hands feeling dry after the lotion wore off, you know what I mean. Dryness is a symptom of a multitude of other issues. While moisturizer will only temporarily make your skin feel better, it’s important to apply it to help protect your skin if it’s irritated.

2) Moisturizers can help treat a myriad of skin issues

If you’re applying moisturizer, you should also be applying a moisturizer with some OOMPH. That means antioxidants, acne-fighters, etc. For years I just cleansed, toned, and applied acne treatment and kept wondering why my skin still never looked very good. You not only have to treat your acne, but soothe it as well. This is why some moisturizers seem to work and some don’t. If you’re slathering a no-frills lotion on your face you may not be hurting it, but you’re not helping it either.

3) But what kind of moisturizer do I pick?

The brilliant thing about moisturizers these days is that they are available in a ton of different textures, from oils to heavy creams. The oilier your skin, the lighter your moisturizer should be. Even if you have normal skin, your moisturizer should include some antioxidants or skin soothing ingredients at the very least, otherwise what’s the point?

A new trend in moisturizers is beauty oils, like argan oil. They’re super gentle, and a little packs a punch. Just keep in mind not all oils are created equal (you shouldn’t slather your face in coconut oil) and that mineral oil is not the devil. Certain beauty oils, such as jojoba oil, are gentle and effective enough to double as makeup removers as well!

Some say that super oily folk can skip moisturizer altogether, but I think skipping a moisturizer is a lost opportunity to provide your skin with some awesome ingredients, like vitamin c.

Stay tuned for my next installment of “Know Your Skin” where I talk about my favorite – exfoliants!

xoxo, Jules @ iheartbeautyblog.com

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