Happy Coachella!

Happy Coachella! Or, well…music festival season, given Coachella is now behind us. This was my fourth year going, and probably the toughest since I battled a solid cold the entire time, but I had fun nonetheless and look forward to next year. I originally wanted to write this up prior to Coachella, but I was in the grips of the wrath of my cold, so I didn’t get to plan quite as well as I normally would. If you were car camping you might have seen me walking around hacking up my lungs before AND after the sand storm. But sand storms and colds be damned, I still made my best effort to look cute. I didn’t look my best due to my sickness, so I didn’t take many selfies, but I still wanted to share with you what I wore and a few tips you can use for next year!

My Coachella uniform!

Bikini, Macy’s last season. Scarf, Gap last season.

This is what I wore about 75% of the days. Just my cute Coachella-inspired bikini paired with a matching, lightweight polka-dot scarf. I wrapped the scarf around my hips like a skirt, and when I started to overheat, I’d stop by the water station and soak it. A lifesaver, that scarf! I also sometimes draped it over my shoulders like a shawl and let it drip down my back. And it I wanted to sit down? Instant blanket/towel (since they don’t allow those in).


Tank dress, Forever 21. Necklace, Forever 21.

I honestly believe less is more when it comes to Coachella. It can be hot, dusty, and truth to be told, pretty uncomfortable. So while I admire those that want to put on a personal fashion show at Coachella, I think it’s much more comfortable to pair minimal pieces in pretty colors rather than over-accessorize. Like I heard a blogger say once, “Do a little jump – if you jingle, you’re wearing too much.” This tank dress is not in the most breathable fabric, but I wore it when it cooled off. I really like pairing gold and burnt orange colors with mint & turquoise blues.


Dress, Forever 21. Necklace, Forever 21

 I normally advise against wearing anything black to Coachella. Black is my standard uniform, but in 100 degrees with little shade it’s just downright stupid to wear black. This dress was too cute to pass up though, plus it can double as a high-waisted skirt. I wore this exclusively in the evening when it cooled off. I like the contrast between the polka dots and the geometric necklace.


Shirt, Forever 21. Shorts, American Eagle (last season). Necklace, Forever 21.

Just an easy outfit for my first day, when we set up our campsite. It was 100 degrees, so having a loose-fitting, shoulders-cut-out shirt felt nice.

Shirt, Forever 21. Shorts, American Eagle (last season).

Shirt, Forever 21. Shorts, American Eagle (last season).

I’m not big on crop tops, but this was super comfortable, and I’m a sucker for anything heathered. Some stoner girl told me she liked this shirt! Bonus!

Bikini, Macy's (last season). Top, Forever 21. Shorts, Pacific Sun (last season).

Bikini, Macy’s (last season). Top, Forever 21. Shorts, Pacific Sun (last season).

It’s difficult to tell from the picture, but this is also a cropped top. I love geometric prints (stripes, polka-dots, etc.), so I’m thrilled that mixing and matching different prints is very on trend since I own a bazillion different prints.

Bikini, Macy's (last season). Sweater, Forever 21. Shorts, Pacific Sun (last season).

Bikini, Macy’s (last season). Sweater, Forever 21. Shorts, Pacific Sun (last season).

I always recommend having a middle-ground sweater with you at Coachella. Something not too heavy, but not too light because when the sun just starts to dip, and the wind picks up, you’ll want to throw something on. Later you might want to swap for something heavier, but something crocheted like this did me fine until about 9 o’clock or so.

Jeans, Forever 21. Tank top, H & M. Sweatshirt, Forever 21.

Jeans, Forever 21. Tank top, H & M. Sweatshirt, Forever 21.

Just a couple of other layering pieces I brought along that I swapped in or out at times. When I stumbled to the port-o-potties in the AM, some guy was thrilled by my sweatshirt. Even if you don’t look polished and put together, at a music festival a funny or witty shirt will always crack a few smiles.

You’ll probably notice I included no shoes in this post. Trust me, I did not go barefoot. But I mainly wore old worn out flip flops and my trusty Converse because, quite frankly, I didn’t have time to pick up some shoes for Coachella! The usual Toms were ever-present though, along with plenty of gladiator sandals. Other trends I saw? The “denim panty,” flower headbands, red lips and winged liner, and lightweight kimono-style robes. Next year, when I’ll undoubtedly NOT have a cold, I’ll bump up my style game!

Anyway, happy musical festival season to you all! I look forward to posting more festival wear in the future 😉


xoxo, Jules @ iheartbeautyblog.com




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