Know Your Skin: Exfoliants

Ah...exfoliants. The workhorses of the skincare world. The products with the most ability to change your skin. I love exfoliants, but I understand they're the most misunderstood. So I’m here to clarify a few things for you! Exfoliants essentially are products that encourage skin to peel or “turnover.” There’s ...


Know Your Skin: Moisturizers

I’ll admit, one of my biggest skincare regrets was not using a moisturizer for what feels like FOREVER. I mean, I have oily skin, why would I need a moisturizer? Fast forward to 29 years old I now realize that moisturizers are the multitaskers of the skincare world. They soothe, moisturize, protect. They do it all. And ...


Know Your Skin: Toners

Toners is the gray area of skincare. Some say they’re bad, some say they're good, some say you need them to balance your pH! Personally, I love a toner. I think it’s a great addition to any regimen, and who doesn't need more antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients in their routine? Let’s start off with… 1) What ...